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RF and Microwave PCB Design - Part 4: Power Dividers.

Ben Jordan continues the OnTrack Whiteboard Video Series on RF and Microwave PCB design with an episode on a pervasive and useful PCB transmission line component type: Power Dividers.

This is part 4 of a multi-part series. Please subscribe to the channel so you can watch the latest episode as soon as it's published!

For previous episodes in this RF and Microwave PCB design series, follow the links below:

To view the whole OnTrack Whiteboard Playlist:
Çağrı Sağlam : Great video series provided by Academy. Thank you!
Charlie Smith : Looking forward to future parts to the series, are you planning on doing one on RF switching at some point?
Cemal Tatlı : Please, may you make more often video about rf and microstript? In my opinion, this videos is very benefit.
Paweł Lasko : Just fantastic...
Egor Chuev : Thanks a lot.
CAN Transformers be smaller than 1/4Л? I meat will 4GHz divider work on 300Mhz signal?

#28: RF Power Combiners, Part1 (Adv. 15)

Analyzing RF power combiners and splitters in SimSmith.

http://www.w0qe.com/SimSmith.html to download files in this video
Radio Electronics : thanks for the video ! Do you know a good circuit for a kilowatts Power Combiner ?
Jan Rozema : Hi Larry. I build the RUSE circuit in your video. I get an error in the plot function: Plot "U1.RL2.p" U1.R4.p PWR; The "U1.RL2.p" is red. The error window says "Expecting a ; I am using simsmith 17.0q on a Apple Macbook.
workout74 : thank this is a big help. NQ2L
Radio Electronics : Thanks Larry. I have seen #64-66, very interesting. Thank you for spending your time for these videos !
W0QE : I have built a few high power combiners when I needed to combine two 1500W amps into a 3000W amp when I was doing some contract component testing. The obvious things that need to be done are to increase the wire size due to higher current, increase the core area due to larger voltages across the windings and increase the core aperture due to the wire volume. Unfortunately this means the wire lengths increase which hurts higher frequency operation. I have touched on these topics in various videos but especially #64, #65, and #66. I have some upcoming videos about transmission line transformers which will be useful. I do not have anything that is exactly what you are looking for at this moment. Sorry.
Larry, W0QE

KF5OBS #28: Wilkinson Splitter / Combiner Basics

Following video #27 about resistive splitters / combiners, this video explains how Wilkinson splitters / dividers work and how their properties differ from resistive splitters.
XINX US : Easy to follow with practical equipment application. Kudos
karthik k.y : thank you
Tchana Tankeu Bachir : thanks a lot
glasslinger : People with fabulous equipment make me feel like disappearing!
Malcolm Mackay : Thank you


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